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We are pleased to finally have a small range of 20th Century Arabs available to order.

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Thanks for visiting Blaze Away. We are a new, part-time enterprise run by four blokes with a passion for wargaming.

Have a look at what handy ranges we have to offer. Let us know what you think of the updated website. Supporting us allows us to keep prices low and give you more for your armies.


We manufacture 28mm figures covering many periods so gamers can line up their miniatures and Blaze Away!

 We proudly feature pre-painted, handmade ships that are lightweight to store and transport, yet are durable for normal handling while gaming.


We’d better mention here that these are not toys (contrary to the opinion of our womenfolk) and not suitable for children under 12. They have sharp bits and stuff they could swallow.

Any adults who poke themselves and swallow these miniatures, well, you should know better…

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