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We are a new, part-time enterprise run by four blokes with a passion for wargaming. Yes, we run from a garage. Yes, we are still learning. We do however have part of our brains set to make Blaze Away strong and long lasting. Our initial outlook is to work more as a service for wargamers and collectors.


We live and work in Darwin, Northern Territory. Which, geographically, is a long way from pretty much everywhere. But its a great place and with the World Wide Web we are only a click away from anywhere!

Information on the available figures can be found on the Miniatures link. We plan to keep adding more and more to our ranges depending on popularity and what we’d like to use ourselves.

We understand that gamers are sometimes looking to add a few figures to finish a unit and sometimes looking to bulk out an army quickly. So hopefully you’ll find something that suits your needs.


The scale is nominally 28mm. As we’ve picked up some old unwanted ranges, and commissioned a few new ones, the sculpting styles and sizes do vary. The images should give a good indication of the figure quality and we’ve added a small note saying what other manufacturers are compatible.

If you’re not sure – you can order a sample foot figure by clicking below. Select regular post for Australia or International. You will get a small credit to offset the actual cost.

The model ships are all designed for 25mm/28mm figures and the decks and useful surface areas are all given room to comfortably fit your figures. As these are ships designed for gaming, the Bilge-Rat (his mysterious identity), makes ships that would be 2 feet long in true 1/48 scale – a much more practical 9-12 inches to accommodate the physical limitations of gaming tables and yet still have stunning visual effect and practicality.


Are names are Jon, James, Michael & the Bilge-Rat so you may come in contact with any one of us over time.