Second Carlist War

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The Second Carlist Battle, or the Battle of the Matiners or Madrugadores (Catalan as well as Spanish for “early-risers,” supposed from the harassing activity that happened at the earliest hrs of the morning), was a short civil battle fought primarily in Catalonia by the Carlists under General Ramón Cabrera against the forces of the government of Isabella II.

The uprising began in September 1846 and proceeded till May 1849, spreading to Galicia.

Theoretically, the battle was battled to facilitate the marriage of Isabella II with the Carlist pretender, Carlos de Borbón (or Carlos VI), which was sustained by the modest event and by the Carlists.

The marital relationship never ever happened, as Isabella II was wed to Francisco de Borbón.

The dispute was small, leading some historians to examine also the tag “battle.” In the Basque context, a central emphasis of Carlist uprisings, it was non-existent, so “2nd Carlist Battle” invariably refers to the Third Carlist Battle.

It coincided with the democratic Revolutions of 1848, when Maria Christina revoked the constitution of Ramón de Narváez.

Narváez himself led the counterattack against the rebellion in Galicia while Fernando de Córdova, captain-general of

Catalonia, took down the isolated rebel cells because region by very early 1849. In June of that year, amnesty was provided to the Carlists as well as those that had actually run away returned.

The war triggered between 3,000 as well as 10,000 casualties

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